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GMRF Innovation Pilot

Digital Toolset for Building Resilient Communities
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Building Resilient Communities
GMRF Innovation Pilot


Data-driven Decision Support
Multi-Agency Collaboration
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Community Engagement

Building on its long-established partnership with the THINKlab within the School of Science, Engineering & Environment at the University of Salford, Greater Manchester Resilience Forum (GMRF) is exploring new ways of using technology to engage practitioners and the public in understanding disaster risks.

To build an effective whole of society approach to resilience, it is crucial to engage the science and technology community to develop, implement and provide data, information and services to those stakeholders or communities that may be impacted by disasters or, that through their own activity, may drive an increase in risk. Working together, the THINKlab and GMRF are looking to draw on their combined experience to create the following three demonstrator projects to show how advanced digital technologies can be used not only for data sharing but for collaborating to build resilience and disaster preparedness with local partners, including local communities.

  • RESIDE (Risk Evaluation & Solutions In Digital Engagement), will work on implementing a platform to enable cross-sector partners to collaborate on a detailed understanding of local risk.
  • RISE (Resilience Innovation for Social Engagement), will demonstrate how a digital platform can be used to strengthen community engagement with LRFs in building community resilience against disasters.
  • TIDE (Technology, Innovation, Driving Engagement), will explore how the scenarios developed through the creation of digital platforms, can strengthen training and exercising.

Project Partners

  • GM Resilience
  • THINKlab - University of Salford

Project Steering committee

  • Cumbria Resilience
  • North Yorkshire Resilience Forum
  • Greater Manchester Combined Authority
  • Environment Agency
  • Met Office
  • Salford City Council

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